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Distancing Tape and Stickers

Distancing Tape and Stickers

Flow in Motion

Using tape and stickers to visually indicate proper distance in waiting lines
  • Location

    Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Keeping a distance
  • Sub-theme

    Indicating proper distance

Case Description

Some of the first interventions that were implemented in public space during the pandemic were in and around shops. Stickers and tapes were used to visually indicate to customers where to stand in a waiting line, helping and reminding them to keep appropriate distance from one another.

Relation to Resilience

Interventions like these were an urgent measure in a time when Covid-19 was still new to people, governments and businesses. By encouraging people to keep appropriate distance, people’s health was safeguarded, while also slowing down the transmission of the virus.