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Prefabricated vaccination pavilions

Prefabricated vaccination pavilions

Stefano Boeri Architects

Creating a temporary medical space for doctors to treat patients, vaccinate, test.
  • Location

  • Year

  • Status

    Not realised
  • Theme

    Access to health infrastructure
  • Sub-theme

    Offering medical services

Case Description

Stefano Boeri Architects designed the pavilion and communication message for the Italian Covid-19 vaccination programme. “The main reason is to increase capacity, to speed up the process of vaccination and to reach the entire Italian population,” – explains Stefano Boeri. The prefabricated pavilion is designed with a structural timber frame, recyclable water-resistant textile, adjustable textile separation walls and solar panels for self-sufficiency. It can be easily dismantled and reused at several locations. The design and logo is based on a pink primrose flower. “With the image of a springtime flower, we wanted to create an architecture that would convey a symbol of serenity and regeneration,” said Boeri. The campaign aims encourages citizens to get vaccinated conveying the motto: ‘With a flower, Italy comes back to life’.

Relation to Resilience

Its design for quick (dis)assembly helps deploying the pavilion throughout the country in a flexible way. By speeding up the process of vaccination, the prefabricated pavilions can support local or national governments to offer protection to their citizens more effectively.


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