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Walk Walk Dance

Walk Walk Dance

Daily Tous Les Jours

Sticking on the floor signes, elements to visually indicate where to stand (when there is a waiting line).
  • Location

    Toronto, Canada
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Keeping a distance
  • Sub-theme

    Indicating proper distance

Case Description

Lockdown and pandemic in general have caused the emptying of cities, especially public spaces. The Montreal-based art and design studio designed a system to make public spaces enjoyable again. Their design is based on the use of stripes on the ground, made of paint, chalk or adhesive that are able to play music, able to adapt to each surface or slope. A modular system connects a series of protecting cases with sensors and speakers, spaced by flower beds. Not only they constitute a playful entertainment for people wandering for the city, but they also help to keep the right distance when standing in line. Each block of lines has, in fact, the recommended distance from the following one (6 feet between play sections). The project aims to allow people to social distancing in a playful way: it shows social behaviours in a spatial way. As the designers say “Play with physical distancing rules, one, two, three steps at a time. Because every city should have a dancing strategy.”

Relation to Resilience

The project aims to define a public space to be enjoyed with pleasure by people after a long period of lockdown. A series of lines on the ground defines a different use of streets and paths, making them similar to playgrounds. At the same time, the lines allow people to keep the right distance and still be connected while queueing, for example. Adding a musical layer to the project also creates a playfulness level that involves the ability of people to relate to rhythm: the rhythm of the city thought the rhythm of their music.