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1.5 Meter Monitor

1.5 Meter Monitor

Municipality of Amsterdam - Amstelland Safety Region

Connecting a monitor with a camera to give real-time feedback on the minimum physical distance that needs to be respected
  • Location

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Keeping a distance
  • Sub-theme

    Indicating proper distance

Case Description

At the very beginning of Covid19, the city of Amsterdam developed a digital system to show people whether the right distance is respected in public spaces. The system consists of a screen on a mobile truck, connected to a camera and a computer system that records passers-by and shows them on the screen with their faces covered by a smiley. A green smiley indicates a person is at a proper distance from others; a red smiley indicates a person is exceeding the minimal distance required, and an orange neutral smiley indicates a person is close to exceeding the minimal distance. The system not only offers real-time feedback to users of the place in question, but it also records the number of people passing by to indicate whether a place is getting too crowded.

Relation to Resilience

The project aims to show people in real-time whether they respect the 1,5m distancing rules. By doing so, it enables people to gather in open public spaces in a safer way, and helps cities to adapt to the Covid-19 circumstances while allowing public life to continue.