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A New Now

A New Now

Morag Myerscough

Sending a message of optimism and empowerment
  • Location

    Paris, France
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Emotional wellbeing
  • Sub-theme

    Enabling uplifting communication

Case Description

Designer Morag Myerscough created an art installation in central Paris, sending a positive message of hope to the local residents. The painted intervention ‘New Normal’ has the double ambition ‘to encourage, with communicative joy, to build an ‘after’ the Covid crisis and arouse, in a poetic and popular way, the imagination’. With limited access to museums during the pandemic, Myerscough suggests to explore more the opportunity for outdoor artworks in cities. She views her own installations as brightening up often-grey urban architecture, which “bloom for a while, and then disappear without a trace”.

Relation to Resilience

Outdoor art, according to Myerscough, “can be used to get messages out on the streets for everyone to engage with, respond to situations expressively and inquisitively, find ways to connect collectively, and raise peoples’ spirits.”


©Morag Myerscough / Photography: Michel Micheau, Gareth Gardner