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Tree-covered coronavirus memorial

Tree-covered coronavirus memorial

Angelo Renna

Creating a place for commemoration
  • Location

    Milano, Italy
  • Year

  • Status

    Not realised, Speculative
  • Theme

    Emotional wellbeing
  • Sub-theme

    Facilitating commemoration

Case Description

Italian architect Angelo Renna suggested a unique way to commemorate the people in Italy that lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The main idea was to save the San Siro football stadium in Milan from demolition, and turn it into a public memorial. By demolishing the roof, removing the seating, and creating soil terraces, 35,000 cypress trees would be planted, which comes down to about 1 tree per death in Italy. With Milan being one of the epicentres of Covid-19 in Italy, Renna hopes to create “a spiritual and sacred place in which people will able to reconnect with their beloved ones.”

Relation to Resilience

Commemoration is an important way for people and society to cope with the losses that the pandemic has created. Additionally, the idea of planting 35,000 cypress trees is believed to contribute to biodiversity, as Renna points out: “cypress trees […] are local to the Mediterranean, are often found in cemeteries and can support a large variety of wildlife.”