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Hyperlocal Micromarkets

Hyperlocal Micromarkets

Shift Architecture Urbanism

Decentralizing open-air markets in order to reduce commute and risk of contamination
  • Location

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Year

  • Status

    Not realised
  • Theme

    Sustaining activities and services
  • Sub-theme

    Decentralizing services

Case Description

In light of the difficulties of accessing fresh food in a safe way, Shift architecture urbanism has developed a concept to decentralize open-air markets, minimizing the potential spreading of the virus. As the architects explain, “[t]his is done by breaking down the large markets into so called micro markets that are spread over the city and opening them up for a longer time. Instead of you going to the market, the market is coming to your neighbourhood. These hyper-local markets are open at least 5 days a week instead of twice a week to further reduce the concentration of people.”

Relation to Resilience

The concept of hyper local markets aims to reduce risks of contamination among residents during the pandemic, maintaining access to affordable food for economically vulnerable people, while also offering a way for sellers and the supply chains behind them to continue their business.