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Organising outdoor spaces to convert activities from indoor to save, outdoor and drive-in activities
  • Location

    Cape Town, South africa
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Sustaining activities and services
  • Sub-theme

    Moving activities outdoors

Case Description

In order to guarantee a safe space for people to gather during the Covid-19 pandemic, Grant De Sousa and Tyrone Rubin (both known in the South African film industry) have brought back to life the idea of the drive-in cinema, with the project ‘GoDriveIn’. They managed to find an open-air lot in Salt River (Cape Town) where it was possible to host up to fifty cars and project films twice a week.

Relation to Resilience

During periods of lockdown, the drive-in cinema allowed people to escape their home isolation and experience the joy of an outing.