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Mediamatic’s Serres Séparées

Mediamatic’s Serres Séparées


Placing a series of small greenhouses outdoors, in order to offer a safe and intimate dining experience
  • Location

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Sustaining activities and services
  • Sub-theme

    Decentralizing services

Case Description

The design group from Mediamatic in Amsterdam created the ‘Mediamatic’s Serres Séparées’ — a series of small green houses located right outside the restaurant, which allows couples or small groups to enjoy dinner while being socially distanced from other customers. By decentralizing the space for dining, restaurants can keep their business running. The specific way in which the greenhouses of the Serres Séparées achieve this, also enables people to “savor an intimate moment outside”.

Relation to Resilience

The Serres Séparées enable local restaurants to keep their business running. Simultaneously, the greenhouses enable people to dine out again, meet with others, and to escape their social isolation.