WUF11 | Mapping Resilient Communities: the Role of Public Space
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WUF11 | Mapping Resilient Communities: the Role of Public Space

City Space Architecture invited researchers Giulia Gualtieri and Boudewijn Boon, to give a presentation on the “From Prevention to Resilience’ research project as part of the ‘Mapping Resilient Communities’ session at the World Urban Forum 11 (WUF11).

Their presentation was titled ‘Challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and design responses in public space: Towards strategies for resilient post-Covid cities‘, in which they presented a database featuring 56 examples of how (urban) designers have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems they addressed through (proposed or implemented) public space and civic engagement interventions (see database here). The database is organised in five themes, each containing several unique design strategies: sustaining amenities, keeping a distance, feeling connected, staying mentally healthy, and expanding health infrastructures. The intention behind such database is to serve as a tool that can inspire designers when addressing and tackling challenges brought out by the COVID-19 pandemic, and future pandemics to come. 

*Due to IT-difficulties at the WUF, the recording of the webinar is not accessible anymore.