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Nomo Fomo bench

Nomo Fomo bench

Studio Hai

Offering a place for people to connect with others and nature in a safe way
  • Location

    Atlanta, USA
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Being together
  • Sub-theme

    Connecting people with nature

Case Description

Because of Covid-related restrictions, people had difficulties to find opportunities to connect with each other as well as with nature in a safe way. With the benches Nomo Fomo, the designers from Studio Hai address this issue by opening public urban space to occasions of sharing while being closer to natural elements. The planters are placed at an appropriate distance to help people to gather safely. The openness of the design allows different understandings of use: ‘Each object can be interpreted in multiple ways,’ said Studio Hai founder Andrew Furmanski. ‘Either as a sculpture, planter, or an interactive object that is suitable for sitting on, standing on, leaning against or playing around.’

Relation to Resilience

The design ultimately aims to reconnect people during times of pandemic, both with others as well as with nature. The subtle placement of the objects, combined with an open-ended functionality, allows people to keep a safe distance while having their agency respected. Finally, the selected plants are robust native species, which promotes local biodiversity.


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