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Offering a temporary place to meet, hang out, and dine together
  • Location

    Montreal, Canada
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Being together
  • Sub-theme

    Enabling encounters

Case Description

With the strict regulations in place, people needed to sit, relax, promenade in a safe way. To do so, the architects from the ADHOC studio created ‘Tulip’, a temporary intervention in public space that afforded people to gather again; a place that offers an opportunity to meet, hang out or dine in groups. As described on ArchDaily: “The project was conceived to allow Montrealers to reappropriate this public space while respecting the sanitary regulations defined by public health officials. A large structure and graphic arrow placed at the entrance of the park signals the beginning of the project. The public is then invited to discover the full length of the table and the place settings that punctuate it with eclectic collections of recycled objects. These iconic, gastronomic objects were judiciously placed to subtly foster intuitive social distancing.’

Relation to Resilience

The design was intended to reconnect people with their physical and social environment, creating possibilities for encounter and interaction. Local restaurants were given the opportunity to serve meals, thereby also contributing to the resilience of the local economy.


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