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Urban Sun

Urban Sun

Studio Roosegaarde

Offering a 'clean' (covid-free) space to gather
  • Location

    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Year

  • Status

  • Theme

    Being together
  • Sub-theme

    Enabling encounters

Case Description

In order to allow people to gather in times of pandemic after a period of isolation and frustration, the designers of Studio Roosegaarde developed a temporary solution to offer a clean (covid-free) space to meet and reconnect one to another. According to the studio, the technology used for the ‘Urban Sun’ can reduce contagion by almost 100%. ‘Although traditional 254nm UV light is harmful, the specific light wavelength of 222nm is considered safe for both people and animals. It can reduce the coronavirus up to 99.9% and this has been validated by multiple scientists. Urban Sun acts as an additional layer of protection next to current government regulations.’

Relation to Resilience

The main purpose of the Urban Sun is to create a covid-free environment, where people can interact safely and spontaneously with one another in close proximity. As such, the project has the potential of bringing back moments of sharing and connection among urban residents.