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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Foreign Policy

Symbolizing the possible physical and emotional interactions between people
  • Location

    Singapore, Singapore
  • Year

  • Status

    Not realised
  • Theme

    Being together
  • Sub-theme

    Symbolizing social needs

Case Description

The Foreign Policy design group designed a concept for the botanical garden of Singapore that creates opportunities for people to interact act a physical distance. The envisioned public art installation reframes ‘social distancing’ into ‘physical distancing’, by enabling people hanging out in the gardens to interact with one another. This is made possible through a collection of acoustic cones attached to poles, creating a network that is connected by tubes: ‘The idea is for people to be able to whisper or talk to one another via the cones while they are having their picnic or just hanging out.’

Relation to Resilience

The design allows people to connect with one another, despite Covid-related restrictions.


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